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About Us

Tried & Tested under Military Conditions

Australian Sourced & Produced

Unmatched in Quality & Durability

The Legion Legacy

Australian family owned and operated

Tried and tested under military conditions

Created to protect those who protect us

Ethical and environmentally friendly materials

Australian sourced and produced

Veteran led and staffed

Restoration of Australian Pride

Back of shirt saying lest we forget
Each of the LEGION team’s founding members’ humble beginnings started with enlisting in the Australian Defence Force at a young age, and finding their way into the civilian world, after more than a decade of service.

Always having a passion for health a fitness, the LEGION team engaged in various athletic and combat sport pursuits, gaining state and national titles in their chosen disciplines. Many have obtained Certificate IV in Personal Training qualifications, giving them an excuse to stay in the gym longer and allowing them to pass on their knowledge and motivation to others.

Unfortunately, service-related medical conditions, physical, psychological or both, often see careers cut short. Post-surgery rehabilitation, strong medications, and unhealthy life choices drove a number of us to the brink. It was the strong bond and connection present in the LEGION team’s inner circle that pulled us all through the hard moments and from the experience has created strength, resilience and great times. 

These situations are familiar to many Australians, so a plan was put in plan to use the LEGION team’s spirit and determination to spread the lessons we had learned far and wide. Many ventures sprung up to address the various needs of the veteran community and Australian people. Physical training, nutrition plans, therapy, mindfulness and self-development. Something was always missing a way to tie it all in together: a defining symbol, message and uniform to wear with pride, similar to what we experienced in the military. 

This is how LEGION was born, an Australian made and sourced lifestyle and active clothing range. Originally, we simply fired up a cheap vinyl printer and heat-press, and started creating many failed attempts before finding the right fit. Family and friends absolutely loved the shirts and jumpers, and it was not long until requests started coming in, something we did not expect as we never saw this as a business.

The resounding feedback we received about LEGION was that not only were the clothes fantastic and fit for purpose, but it also felt to many as if they were part of a community. This sense of belonging had them pushing harder and striving to achieve their goals.

The LEGION family is comprised of our staff and our loyal customers. Collectively, we wish to expand this family and its value structure to all Australians who are seeking self-improvement in all areas of their lives. People who are always challenging themselves and driving harder than ever before to not only meet goals but to smash them. In a very materialistic and cold world, social media destroying interpersonal connection, we aspire to rise to the top with our reliability, genuine nature and relatability, building a brand with true meaning that will stand the test of time.


Founded on 01 January 2021 by Sean Hargraves, a Naval Veteran with over a decade of military service and multiple deployments which took him all around the world. From Sean’s spare bedroom to a storage unit, and now a warehouse, the LEGION growth has been completely unexpected and astonishing.

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, LEGION is fast becoming a apparel brand leader with an unbeatable mission statement and the highest standard of quality.


Building an unstoppable force of warriors that strive for perfection in every aspect of their lives.


LEGION is an unstoppable force that protect and inspire their own. 

LEGION clothing is battle armour to wear as you take the hardest aspects of life to task. 

From our struggle comes our resolve. 


Our fallen warriors and heroes that have come before us, making the ultimate sacrifice, that has allowed our lives to be free and liberated for an unencumbered pursuit of happiness.



“I started building this community of people focused on bettering themselves. When you are wearing Legion, you feel you’re not just yourself, you are part of a community where everyone is supporting each other to create something of true value. ” – Sean Hargraves, Founder

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